F.  A.  Q.

What kind of music is Beezwax Records about? Beezwax Records is about prime recordings in the brass, jazz, and blues genres.

Brass: Trombones, trumpets, tubas, etc.

Jazz: Improvised music of choice.

Blues: More than a color.

What's the deal with hand-packaging, embossing, and registering Beezwax Records? The deal is customer satisfaction on two ends. The person who purchases a Beezwax Record knows it is the "real McCoy," containing the absolute best music available in its field. The artists who have their music on a Beezwax Record know the recording was prepared with special care, and will be furnished with some detail as to where it is going.

How does Beezwax Records do this? Beezwax obtains the raw materials, namely the raw CD (or cassette, etc.), printed material, and case. Our releases are run with a special paper that makes each copy unique. The paper allows for easy embossing, ink bleed, date stamping, and typing. These components are assembled by hand with a personal name applied to each copy. We then make note of the serial number, date stamp, name, city, and state before we send it off. That way we have a detailed record of our records.

Doesn't it take too much time to handle all those recordings with such care and detail? As of today, we can keep up. We are nearing the point where we must say, "Yes. It takes too much time, but we'll do it anyway." Meanwhile, we maintain the steady process which makes Beezwax Records a distinct, "one of a kind, one at a time" product.

How does Beezwax Records market their recordings? All our records are presently available through this website as well as a handful of other online entities.  "Brick and mortar" distribution is handled through NorthCountry Distributors in the U.S.A., and Disk Union in Japan. We welcome any contacts from retailers who may wish to offer Beezwax Records on a consignment basis.

What does Beezwax get out of the deal? First and best of all, we have the satisfaction of marketing some of the very finest brass, jazz, and blues music in a personal way. Second, we have the luxury of enhancing the musical heritage of the City of Elkhart, Indiana, self proclaimed "Band Instrument Capital of the World." Third, we enjoy the prospect of releasing more, better records.

Does Beezwax Records offer all original material? No. Our first blues release has five cover tunes. Our first jazz release is all original. Our first brass record will probably contain all cover tunes, albeit specially arranged.

How many releases does Beezwax anticipate? At present we hope to round out the jazz phase by the end of this year with seven albums total. Thereafter we hope to beef up our brass and blues offerings. The nature of our business makes for an unpredictable outcome. Eventually we would like to concentrate more closely on each release, perhaps doing only one a year.

Are there other limitations as to what recorded material Beezwax offers? We prefer not to offer a recording with over one hour of material on it. There must be compelling reasons to do otherwise.

How do I get my music on a Beezwax Record? Take three thumb tacks and arrange them point up in an equalateral triangle on your kitchen table, with points at 4.573cm from each other. Stretch a span of nylon thread between all three tacks, with one loop around each tack. Tie the thread with a granny knot on the northernmost tack and clip at no more than 5.151mm from the shaft. When the phone rings, it will be the president of Beezwax Records, soliciting your demo for consideration along with visual verification that you have accomplished this small feat. Be sure to have a metric ruler on hand.

It can be done.

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