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Grant Levin

Grant Levin: Riego (CD)
$14.99 - Release Date: July 2008
Recorded in real time with no overdubs on March 30 and May 13, 2007 in Harlen Adams Theater, California State University, Chico.

Lori Bell Trio

Lori Bell Trio: Higher Standards (CD)
$14.99 - Release Date: July 2008
"With stunning clarity she performs and produces a CD chock full of hearty standards. Taking the tones above the rest. Personnel: Lori Bell (flutes ...

Will Sellenraad

Will Sellenraad: Balance (CD)
$14.99 - Release Date: July 2008
"This is New York City late night jazz guitar, with the mellow sax of renowned saxophonist Abraham Burton . . .

Grant Levin Trio with Lori Bell

Grant Levin Trio with Lori Bell: Grant Wishes (CD)
$14.99 - Release Date: June 2007
"Fresh collaboration between two Beezwax artists results in astonishing brilliance of sound and performance. Personnel: Grant Levin (piano ...

Roger Harris Trio

Roger Harris Trio: Live From Chicago (CD)
$14.99 - Release Date: June 2007
"Straight ahead and straight from the heart on a Saturday morning, recorded at undisclosed location in Chicago. Personnel: Roger Harris (piano ...

Franklin/Clover/Seales: Summer Serenade

Franklin/Clover/Seales: Summer Serenade (CD)
$14.99 - Release Date: June 2007
"Once again this impressive, seasoned trio sets forth a sonic discourse at the very edge . Personnel: Henry Franklin (acoustic bass ...

Big Three Trio

Big Three Trio: We Got Rhythmn (CD)
$14.99 - Release Date: November 2005
"Traditional jazz trio in the finest tradition served up in person. It is as if you are right there. Personnel: Big Joe Maher (drums ...
Buzz Cutz Sampler
Beezwax Records: Buzz Cutz (CD Sampler)
$4.99 - Release Date: September 2005
Select tracks from every Beezwax Record from 1997 to 2005, 10 tracks in all.
While I'm Waiting
Joe Robinson Quartet: While I'm Waiting (CD)
$14.99 - Release Date: December 2004
"Breathy tenor on straight-ahead jazz tracks including gorgeous ballads. Personnel: Joe Robinson (tenor sax), John Donaldson (piano ...
Franklin/Clover/Seales: Colemanology (CD)
$14.99 - Release Date: October 2004
"Pure acoustic, classic jazz trio performs two originals plus Zawinul, Metheney, and more. Personnel: Henry Franklin (double bass ...
Jazz Soundtrack: Man of the Year
Original Jazz Soundtrack: Man of the Year (CD)
$14.99 - Release Date: April 2004
"Gutsy quartet performs electrifying background for independent Hollywood film starring the late John Ritter. Personnel: John Novello ...
Grant Levin Trio
Grant Levin Trio: The Bust (CD)
$14.99 - Release Date: July 2003
"Clean, brilliant acoustic jazz trio features emerging jazz artisan Grant Levin. Personnel: Grant Levin (piano), Hans Halt (bass ...
Ears Wide Open
Franklin/Clover/Seales: Ears Wide Open (CD)
$14.99 - Release Date: May 2003
"Dynamic, classic jazz trio starts with a Les Mc Cann classic and takes off into the wild with Coltrane's Naima. Personnel: Henry Franklin (double bass ...
Lori Bell
Lori Bell: Lori Bell (CD)
$14.99 - Release Date: April 2002
"Smooth Brazilian jazz made for cruising; breathtaking flute performances. Personnel: Lori Bell (flutes), Ron Satterfield (guitar ...
Three Worlds
Franklin/Clover/Seales: Three Worlds (CD)
$14.99 - Release Date: February 2001
"Acoustic, classic jazz trio debuts on the Beezwax label with groovalicious rendition of "Sweet Lorraine." Personnel: Henry Franklin (double bass), Steve ...
Bob Guthrie Quartet
Bob Guthrie Quartet, Steppin' Slick (CD)
$14.99 - Release Date: September 2000
"Steady grooves from Chicago jazz veterans and dedicated to a special dance style known as "steppin'." Personnel: Bob Guthrie (drums ...
Bill Boris
Bill Boris: Hold Back (CD)
$14.99 - Release Date: July 1999
"Urban Chicago electric jazz with distinct tones and energy reminiscent of later Miles Davis sounds. Personnel: Bill Boris (guitar ...
Uncle Art
Uncle Art: Transmogrified (CD)
$14.99 - Release Date: October 1997
"A variety of sequential tunes concocted by the founder of Beezwax Records, upbeat and electrified. Personnel: David Seyboldt (keyboards ...
Catman & The All-Niters
Catman & The All-Niters: Blues from the Heart (CD)
$14.99 - Release Date: April 1997
"Popular northern Indiana regional blues band performs a variety of tunes styles as cross between Texas and Chicago styles. Personnel ...

Beezwax CD Box

Beezwax Records: CD Storage Box
$24.99 - Available since 1999
"Most record labels ship their product in cardboard boxes. Not Beezwax ...