m i s s i o n

Any record label can crank out albums. All it takes is a digital master and a factory. On any given day, hundreds of thousands of records are rolling off the line, only to sit in warehouses or on shelves. In many cases this is a good thing because the overall content is not only musically inferior but also morally offensive. Thank goodness for those record labels who recognize true musical arts and promote them—who aren’t afraid to say “no” when it comes to the uninhibited, uncontrolled exercise of artistic license.

Beezwax Records would like to be counted as such a label and more. Our aim is to offer superior recordings that are each one of a kind, hand packaged one at a time. Hence the Beezwax slogan: "One of a kind. One at a time." We run our records on a paper which insures uniqueness to every copy, and we register each record after it is carefully put together by hand and personalized. We believe this is most appropriate for the first brass-jazz-blues record label to reside in the one city - Elkhart, Indiana - where most of the world's band instruments are made.

Crafting superior records one at a time and getting them where they need to go is a challenge we enjoy to the fullest. We are advertising on a national scale. Our releases are receiving airplay in several places, even in other countries. Nevertheless, we ask your assistance so we can have a stronger presence where music and recordings are concerned. We prefer to operate in partnership with people who have respect for their fellow man and a realistic view of the music industry.

Do you wish to have a hand in this endeavor? If so, you've already begun by visiting our website. Now try one of our exquisite releases. Our artists currently include Lori Bell, the Bob Guthrie Quartet, Catman & The All-Niters, Bill Boris, Uncle Art, the Franklin/Clover/Seales Project, the Grant Levin Trio, the Joe Robinson Quartet, and the Big Three Trio. Soon we hope to release our first brass ensemble recording. The word is just beginning to spread about Beezwax. We're glad you know about us, too.

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