Greetings, esteemed music lovers everywhere. 

Without question we have entered upon extraordinary times, not only in terms of  global history but also in terms of music.  We sincerely wish you, the intrepid cyber-traveler, peace and all good things as each precious minute of life goes by. Enjoy it to the fullest.

It is my pleasure to inform you, meanwhile, that we are gleefully engaged in the unique practice of hand packaging and documenting each recording to leave our doors. We shall insist upon it till we drive my sisters bug-eyed crazy, and we shall keep it as a simple mark of our commitment to offering some of the very finest brass, jazz, and blues music for your ears.

Our aim is to make this music available widely, but not for discs on every store shelf. The latter would be a waste of too many resources. And so we have taken upon ourselves the pleasant task of assembling and shipping these fine recordings as needed. We also enjoy working with NorthCountry Distributors in Redwood, New York, whose efforts will surely leave a positive mark on an otherwise junglish business, along with the dear people at Disk Union in Japan, who also have the best interests of music lovers in mind. 

This opportunity must not go by without mentioning that there are few things more valuable in the way of small purchases than your basic Compact Disc recording. These discs do not cost a great deal - you need not apply for credit or mortgage your home to get one - yet they offer years of  fine listening. Think about it. Then check out our catalog and see how we not only offer some fine recordings but also allow you the chance to give and receive hand-packaged, personalized, embossed, registered CDs.

A terrific life to each and all.


David A. Seyboldt
President, Beezwax Records

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