"Transmogrified," the Granddaddy of Beezwax. Officially released on October 31, 1997, it is a select collection of "vampish, instrumental technojazz punctuated by sounds from the Mishawaka Brewing Company kitchen and a Norfolk Southern freight train highballing through Alexander, Illinois." The tunes themselves were written by David A. Seyboldt from the Spring of 1994 to the Spring of 1997. The kitchen and train were, of course, recorded at separate times and places. Portions of this music have made their way into commercials and TV entertainment worldwide.

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UNCLE ART,  "Transmogrified"
Personnel: Dave Seyboldt (keyboards, percussion), Bill Boris (guitars), Peter Ballin (woodwinds) Rafe Bradford (basses)

Track 1: At the Moment
Track 2: Cat Paw Skipper
Track 3: Carmine
Track 4: Polar Patrol
Track 5: Song For Winchester
Track 6: Eastbound Local
Track 7: Metro Dreams
Track 8: Jupiter Jubilee
Track 9: News to Me
Track 10: Transmogrified
Track 11: No Doubt
Track 12: Trip Trigger Avenue

$14.99 EA

"Superb production infused with laid back, smooth, jazzy song structures, strikes comparisons to...Spyro Gyra and Eric Marienthal." (Liquid Magazine)

"Pure, iridescent fatuity of a musical sort." (Professor Dirk Biggs, Angst University)

"Today's contemporary jazz has a feel of charisma and creativeness; every new artist trying to push the limit one step further. Uncle Art does just that." (www.jazzreview.com)

"I remember listening to the title track in Vegas and having such a good time, I decided right then and there (quite rashly) never to see snow again." (A certain individual from Pennsylvania)

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