unique packaging

More than one brow has wrinkled at mention of our hand packaging process. Here are ten reasons we think it is worth doing:
  • Quality Control: Because each copy is hand packaged, we are able to place the CD in its jewel box right side up, inspect the package, and have contact with all product shipped.
  • Personal Stuff: Our records belong to someone when they leave our door. Guess who's got BW1580A #000019.
  • Quality content: Any record label that goes to this kind of trouble must also select from the very best artists and music.
  • Special Tracking: The details of registering each Beezwax Record have already made for a remarkable testament to history.
  • Select Outlets: We have no intention of making our records available just anywhere. Watch and see who carries Beezwax Records.
  • Family-like Ownership: People who would otherwise have nothing in common now share in owning a Beezwax Record.
  • The Genuine Article: A product of mass marketing is, for once, offered in a personalized form. Good heavens. Why should recorded music be packaged and marketed like food or soap?
  • A Terrific Gift: When was the last time you got a record with your name on it? When was the last time you gave a CD to a friend or family member, and it had their name on it?
  • Unique and Collectible: No two Beezwax Records are alike, not only by virtue of the paper used in manufacturing, but also by virtue of the date stamp, name, and serial number on each copy.
  • Long Term Presence: Like those venerable Dr. Suess books, we intend to keep each Beezwax Record in print for a long, long time.

So watch for Beezwax Records in the years ahead, and know this: you are one of the very first people to discover Beezwax Records!


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